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June 2021: My discussion of the public health impact of media influencers during COVID-19 pandemic:

Also printed in Flux:

February 2021: My reflections on the need for experts in the media during the COVID-19 pandemic and the problems when non-expert “influencers” try to step into that role.

February 2021: Proud to be an invited member of the new Lancet Commission on Vaccine Refusal, Acceptance, and Demand in the USA. Read about it here:

Working Paper: Carpiano, R. M. (2020). “Demographic differences in US adult intentions to receive a potential coronavirus vaccine and implications for ongoing study.”

Op-Ed: Richard M. Carpiano and Dorit Rubinstein-Reiss (2020, May). “Anti-vaccine protests hold lessons for journalists covering rallies against shelter-in-place orders.” CalMatters.

Op-Ed: Elaine Hernandez, Courtney Boen, and Richard M. Carpiano (2020, April): Inequities in COVID-19 are tragic but preventable. The Hill.